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Fully managed IT services

Here at Jolly IT, we like to ensure that your IT is being used efficiently and within budget.  Having a fully managed IT service from us will enable you to achieve your business goals.

For a fixed monthly fee we can be responsible for all of your IT infrastructure, by providing telephone and online technical support, scheduled on-site support, network monitoring and maintenance, on top of infrastructure recommendations and strategic advice.

As well as offering a fully managed IT service, we can also work alongside your existing IT resource, offering the capacity to dip in and out of support and consultation for projects as and when you need us.

96% customer satisfaction with our fully managed IT service

We deliver a consistently high level of service, and thus retain most of our customers.  We have over 200 businesses in and around London, Yorkshire and outside of the M25 and constantly expanding.

A smooth transition

Whatever service you choose from us, you can be assured that the transition will be seamless, and you can continue to focus on your business.

Our fully managed IT services include:

Cloud services

Web design

Managed Service Agreement

What is a managed service agreement?

Jolly IT provides “Managed Service Agreements” or MSA’s to our clients.

Rather than pay for every minute or hour of our time on a PAYG basis our clients pay us a small amount monthly for a contract that allows them to use us as and when they wish.

An MSA gives you unlimited remote support and reduced onsite support rates.

We price our MSA’s by the number of staff covered by it.  A one man band will pay a lot less than a company with 50 staff and 10 servers, but the service is exactly the same.

We take full responsibility for your IT.  We support you and your staff to resolve any issue, liasing with any third party supplier where necessary to get issues resolved promptly and efficiently writing it all up in our ticketing system.

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Be greener with your IT

Can you save a tree? Every year, 13 million hectares of forest are destroyed. Global deforestation continues at an alarming rate and this is often seen as a major contributor to global warming. On International Day of Forests, we take a look at reducing carbon...
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Do we have a limit for a same day payment?

Bit of an odd question for your boss to ask, or is it? This is the opener to an email conversation that has led many of our clients to almost transfer large sums of money to fake accounts! If you get an email from your boss asking something along these lines, take a...
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Jolly IT Anniversary tip #4: How to fix a Windows blue screen error

One of the worrying things that happens to us all is when we find our computer blue screens. Also known as the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD for short) or STOP error, it usually means that something has gone terribly wrong, and it means working out the problem and either...
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6 technology trends for 2017

Are you keeping up with technological innovation? Just a few years ago cloud technologies were considered cutting edge, and these are now driving many technological advancements around the world. You can find so many devices and gadgets on the market nowadays and this...
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Jolly IT Anniversary tip #3: Do you know what a cyber attack would do to your business?

The answer: it could potentially cost you millions When you are online, you come into contact with malicious viruses that, over the last few years, have been growing in ferocity. Since every business computer accesses the internet, it’s crucial that you consider...
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Jolly IT’s Anniversary Tip #2: Help! My printer won’t print!

How to troubleshoot your printer There is nothing more frustrating than advancing towards a tight deadline, and the printer fails to respond when you send it all of your work. There are a few simple checks you can make which solve most common problems quickly. First...
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Hyper-V: The operation cannot be performed while the object is in its current state.

Just got an interesting error while building a machine in Hyper-V.  I was starting it for the first time and got this error message. Hyper-V: The operation cannot be performed while the object is in its current state. The reason being that I'd attached a single...
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Jolly IT Anniversary tip #1: How to speed up a slow computer

Common IT problems solved! To celebrate our 10 year anniversary, each month we will be enlightening you with our knowledge and guidance on problem solving some common issues that arise through our IT helpdesk and beyond. Our first one covers how to speed up your...
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Celebrating 10 years of Jolly IT!

2006-2016 Celebrating its 10th anniversary this month, Jolly IT is involved in providing IT support and consultancy services to small and medium businesses around the UK. In its landmark year, we take a look at how Tom Jolly founded and grew the business to provide...
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Jolly IT has a 96% customer satisfaction rate

Proven efficiency, reliability and a massive 96% in customer satisfaction We are incredibly proud that our existing customers have given us fantastic feedback on our quality of service. Our ongoing survey results also show that we completed customers’ queries within...
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Secrets to finding the right IT company for your business

Are you a new small or medium sized business who is thinking of outsourcing your IT as you expand? Do you need additional help with your computer/server hardware and software or  IT infrastructure as your company grows? At Jolly IT, we are experts in consulting with...
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HP ProDesk 400 range gets 256Gb SSD

HP have just released a new ProDesk Business Desktop with a 256Gb SSD (Solid State Drive) to suprisingly little fanfare. It's only been a few months since HP started giving the option of SSD's in its desktops, before that the only option was HDD, which usually came in...
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Be more productive and creative with the new Surface devices!

If you are looking to upgrade your laptop, notebook or iPad, then the new Microsoft Surface devices might be worth a look at – for many different industries! See what might suit your needs and requirements with our guide to the latest Surface line up: Surface 3...
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Would you like us to try to halve your phone bill using VoIP?

This may sound impossible, but we can see a way that, depending on your current phone usage, we might be able to help you – using VoIP. Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is quickly replacing old, conventional telephone lines. As a complete communications...
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SharePoint 2013 Training Videos

Free Online Training Video's for Sharepoint 2013 We were recently asked to provide some video's for SharePoint Online. SharePoint Online is probably one of the most underused parts of the Office 365 Business package.  Most people are familier with Outlook and Exchange...
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Should i use SharePoint or OneDrive for Business?

One question put to me this week has been about Office 365 and whether a client should be using OneDrive or Sharepoint to store files. At the risk of answering a question with a question i often reply, "how many staff do you have, and how much data do you have?"...
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Printer of the Month

Our offer of the month is a fantastic HP Officejet Pro X 476 DW Multifunction PrinterColour - colour prints, copy, scan and fax Fast, low cost printing at a great price! Ideal for small to medium sized businesses that need a professional quality print, you can save...
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HP Elite x2 1012 Unboxing and Quick Start

The HP Elite X2 1012 is HP's brand new hybrid laptop/tablet.  Jolly IT have managed to get our hands on a demo model.  Over the weekend I took it for a spin! Check out our unboxing video here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VM6MFW7ornc Or for an ever so slightly more...
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Spitfire Partner

Jolly IT Solutions signs up as an authorized Spitfire Partner! Jolly IT has chosen Spitfire as a partner to provide our clients Comms and Internet Connectivity.  Spitfire have continually won awards for their services, products and customer support and we are happy to...
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HP Elite x2 1012 Detachable PC

HP have just launched a new Premium Tablet/Hybrid the HP Elite X2 1012.  They are built using the Intel® Core™ m3 & m5 processor.  This is the same processor used in the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Tablet and is fast becoming the defacto processor for hybrids and...
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