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Help for everyone.

If you need IT help for your business, but don’t have the time or resources to allow for an inhouse team, our IT helpdesk engineers can provide unlimited IT support to you and your staff.  Our expert engineers can provide a service to your exact requirements from telephone and remote support to feedback and recommendations on improving your infrastructure, or emergency support as and when it’s needed.

We pride ourselves in our service, and our IT helpdesk offers transparent, honest advice to our customers.

New customers only?

Our dedicated IT helpdesk has successfully nurtured and built long term relationships with our customers and for this reason we have a high retention rate. We welcome new customers into our client base, and therefore offer a comprehensive audit so that you can see what improvements can be made and also so that we can fully understand your business requirements.

Free IT audit

One of our experienced senior consultants will offer you a free audit of your business.

Really? A free audit?

We provide an open an honest service. There are no obligations, and no catches – we differ from other IT companies because our initial evaluation and advice is offered by a senior consultant who can offer independent advice tailored to your business, and not simply a sales tactic to sell unsuitable products and services.

We want your first experience with us to be positive. To this end, we will initially arrange a meeting to visit you to truly understand about how your business works, and what your key priorities are.

This also gives us an idea about your infrastructure, how they work within the business and how staff use them, how well the systems perform, your processes and policies, and maintenance.

An expert IT audit. With an expert.

We can also offer a free comprehensive IT audit so we know exactly what we’ll be supporting. This will be carried out by one of our Directors with extensive IT backgrounds, so you can be assured that you will receive professional advice and guidance.

If there are any areas of concern that are highlighted by the audit then we’ll work with you to find out the best way to resolve them.

We will discuss how staff work, what equipment is to be supported, and what individual requirements might be, if needed. For example, you might have staff working from home and they will need IT support from home.

We will discuss your future IT strategy for the business, and how we can hold your hand through these potential changes.

We will discuss your server options, and how well your internet and phone line connections perform, as well as your back ups and storage of your business information (cloud backup and storage is currently a popular option, and we cover this in more detail on one of our online blogs.)

Finally, we will identify and measure security vulnerabilities within your business’s security and evaluate any weaknesses within your businesses systems, processes and data.

Streamlining the transition is obviously as important to us as much as you, and so covering how this can be achieved is also an important factor.

I'd like more information about a free IT audit please!

Fully managed IT support

With our rolling monthly contracts, you can be assured that there are no lengthy service agreements.

Microsoft Certified IT Support

With Jolly IT, you can expect a high level of installation and maintenance support from a Microsoft Certified Small Business Specialist.Our engineers are Microsoft Certified, meaning that no matter what IT support you need for your business, we can have a fully-qualified, highly-skilled professional with you right when you need it.

Proactive maintenance and monitoring

Support will be provided through monitoring and analysing potential triggers, and planning for improvements in order to reduce potential problems. They will also advise on issues which occur regularly to prevent further downtime we can match your IT to your business goals.

Unlimited IT support

By providing unlimited online and offline support, we ensure that we fix problems efficiently. With immediate support when your IT disrupts your business productivity, Jolly IT will work to resolve and support you to get you back up and running again as quickly as possible.
We have a small but dedicated and helpful team who get to know the systems you use, to ensure a smooth fix.

In a nutshell:

  • A free audit
  • A monthly fixed fee with no hidden extras
  • Ongoing telephone support
  • Unlimited remote technical support
  • Onsite support – either reactive or scheduled
  • Constant network monitoring
  • Scheduled network maintenance
  • Hardware support
  • Regular feedback on IT continuity
  • Recommendations and guidance on streamlining IT
  • Software support
  • Emergency support when needed
  • 100% UK based support

We also offer:

  • IT cover for staff absences
  • Office relocations
  • Bespoke IT training
  • Advice on hardware and software purchasing
  • Installation, configuration and support of servers, desktops, and laptops
  • Internet connectivity
  • PBX/VoIP telephone system configuration and set up
  • Supply and maintenance of high volume printers and photocopiers
  • Web design and development inc.
  • WordPress
  • Website hosting
  • Online Backup

Our IT team have managed applications such as:

  • Office 365
  • CRM
  • SAGE
  • V0IP systems
  • ERP systems
  • Cloud backup systems

The Jolly IT mission

  1. Tailored solutions – we can streamline your business processes and increase productivity
  2. Cost effective and reliable monthly support contracts – no yearly tie ins or long term contracts
  3. A smooth transition – moving to us couldn’t be simpler and smoother, and we help you along the way
  4. Dedicated and pro-active help desk providing remote support for networks, data storage and back upsthrough to data recovery
  5. On-site support – with offices north and south of the country, we can also serve clients at their business addresses easily
  6. Our customer service is second to none. With a 96% customer satisfaction rate, we also build lasting relationships with our clients
  7. We are open and honest. We only provide objective solutions, and try to avoid unnecessary IT jargon

Backup and Clean up your act!

Every now and then it is time to clear the decks and get your PC running a little smoother. Running these programs and tidying up your file system will insure your backup happens and so you can avoid viruses and malware infections. These tasks can be performed once a week.

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